Freestyle Breathing – Swimming Techniques and Tips

If you’ve accompanied Triathlon for a while, then you’ll realized fear of the water will vanish soon when you get into this sport. It used to be a warfare for even swim 25 yards in the initial stage . Fast ahead to the summer season of 2015, I accomplished a nine-hour, 27 km marathon open water swim with my proper buddy Coach Pat, and then in the summer season of 2017, we did a 37 km open water swim in Winnipeg’s Red River.

I in reality agree with everyone can make that sort of dramatic enhancement in their swim. For me, it all started out to get simpler when I discovered how to get manage of my breath whilst freestyle swimming.

So, today, I’m bringing you the three excellent hints that have been a fundamental phase of enhancing my capability to breath whilst freestyle swimming in the water.


This is likely the satisfactory tip I ought to supply everyone in relation to triathlon swimming technique. Part of the trouble is that all we see on TV is pictures of Michael Phelps at the Olympics or expert triathletes in large races, simply given‘r.

But most of us age team athletes aren’t almost that fit, our lungs aren’t now not constructed the identical as these folks’, and we don’t have the identical many years of opposition stage swimming ride at the back of us.

EXPERT’S ADVICE: Slow your self down in the water. (Oddly enough, you’ll likely discover you go quicker due to the fact you’re now not thrashing with an uncontrolled technique.) You’ll be smoother, your physique will be level, you’ll be capable to seize and experience the water better. But greater importantly, you’ll be in a position to manipulate your coronary heart charge due to the fact you aren’t working as hard. A managed coronary heart fee makes for a a ways less complicated time in the water, arms down.

Once you get previous the first segment of being cozy in the water, you can fear about including depth right here and there as you construct lung capacity. But to start, sluggish and constant virtually does win (or at least finish) the race, especially in a triathlon swim.


Believe it or not, the kick is solely between 5-15% of your thrust in a swim stroke. You can put in heaps of metres of practice swimming enhancing your kick in the pool, and let’s say you enhance your kick with the aid of a whopping 50%. You’ll nevertheless solely get, say, 2-5% faster. Because your legs are the greatest muscle groups in your body, spending time on all that kicking is going to be a speedy way to use up oxygen. And what does that mean? You’ll be respiration heavier and the whole lot will be tougher.

EXPERT’S ADVICE: Your triathlon swimming kick shouldn’t be for thrust. Your kick must be for balance, physique rotation, and preserving your physique streamlined, all of which requires a pretty minimal kick. It goes again to what I stated in the first tip, gradual and managed moves are a amazing way to preserve strength and oxygen. A small, advantageous triathlon swimming kick is all you really need.


Water is 784 instances greater dense than air. As triathletes, we’re hyper centered about being aerodynamic on our bikes. But that’s clearly high-quality easy. We have to be simply as involved about being hydrodynamic in the water. That capability making positive our legs are nearer to the floor of the water so they’re streamlined and aren’t inflicting drag.

EXPERT’S ADVICE: Spend time floating on your belly and making positive your lower back end, from your butt all the way down to your feet, is up shut to the surface. It may want to take some time till you’re cosy floating, however it’s actually important. Once you’ve obtained that down, slowly add some kick and your stroke, whilst making certain your physique is as flat as possible.

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